Home Sweet-Sustainable-Cottage Home…

Rendering by Stacy Hsu and Shannon Eldredge

The Cottages at Redondo project is slated to be the first of its kind for the City of Federal Way.  The City has been working with our development team to promote the building of multiple, small footprint dwelling units on single family zoned lots.  The Cottage at Redondo will be considered a “demonstration project” by the City – ulitmately attracting the interest of the media, city planners, architects, designers, and especially environmentally-conscious buyers!

The philosophy behind the design and layout of The Cottages at Redondo revolves around simplified living.  We strove to design homes and shared amenities that satisfy basic needs, yet encourage an active, healthy, community-based lifestyle.   Each cottage is considered a “fee simple,” single dwelling unit with two bedrooms,  two bathrooms, an open kitchen/living/dining space, and of course, a quaint front porch facing the common lawn.  Each floorplan measures out to approximately 1,100 square feet and each cottage has its own detatched and enclosed garage space.

The site is located at 18th Ave. South, near 296th St. in Federal Way, WA.  It’s proximity to basic amenities, public transportation, and local recreational facilities (including Redondo Beach), are all within a 1/2 mile radius of the property.  Major transportation routes are under 4 miles from door to on-ramp.

Tom Sawyer Enterprises, Inc., the property owner and manager of the development team, have crafted this project to be a simple “kit-of-parts” for other developers and investors to take to the next phase, which is building.



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2 Responses to Home Sweet-Sustainable-Cottage Home…

  1. April says:

    Nice, Shannon! Did you get to take any part in the landscape design, or were you two just consulted for renderings?

  2. Hi April ~
    This project has been designed for two parcels of property that my family has owned for quite a while now. Instead of simply selling off our property for single family homes, we formulated a team of people to design, what could be, the first cottage development in the City of Federal Way.
    I did an initial landscape design, almost 4 years ago, when I was first starting my MLA program @ UO. Since they needed stamped drawings to pass some permitting, we hired a landscape architect to produce official plans.
    I reached out to Stacy for help with Sketchup & Photoshop 😉 She did an amazing job!!

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