“Stumped” by a spring bloomer at Greenlake

I decided to take a little stroll around Greenlake this morning to check out the trace of snow and identify a few colorful bloomers I’ve noticed on my runs.

One tree in particular had me racking my brain (back to plants notes, “now where did I see this on the campus”??)….

After a close examination, I noticed this small, rounded, branchy little tree with bright yellow clusters of flowers (opposite branching) was a cornelian cherry dogwood (Cornus mas)!









Some notes on the Cornus mas: This species of dogwood is hardy from zones 4-8, grows 15-20′ wide x 20-25′ tall, and takes sun to partial shade.  It’s quite adaptable, easily transplanted, and is fairly disease and insect resistant.  Native to Southern Europe and Southwest Asia.

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