actual site entry


Rainscreen added, retaining wall painted, & plants planted!

We still have a few finishing touches for this front entry… my client would like to replace the first 16′ of the driveway with a pervious paver (which will be extremely helpful for the amount of runoff and ground water they get on this site).  We will also be installing a metal gate at the end of the rainscreen fencing… looking for ideas!  Please comment/post if you have any examples of metal gateways or connections to Seattle based suppliers/designers.

Here’s a close up of one of my favorite winter bloomers we used in the front: Helleborus ‘Ivory Prince’.


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2 Responses to Before/After…

  1. April says:

    that rainscreen is totally sexy Shannon! How’d you get it to match the house so well?? I love it!

  2. Thanks April! This is a mid-century remodel, so the same builders who applied the facade on the house also constructed and stained this front screen for me! Isn’t it gorgeous? Wait until we get to the back, hidden courtyard! I’m doing a solid rainscreen wall with a bench seat and arbor/trellis structure… lots of pea gravel and bamboo! You’ll be seeing visions of Kyoto!!

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