Plant day at the Medina Project!

Plant placement

We’re getting closer and closer to finishing up the entry/driveway on the Medina Project!

I visited the largest plant nursery I’ve ever seen today, in Woodinville, WA – Vibrant Plants.  It was an overwhelmingly awesome experience!  Of course, I spent way too many hours milling around, finding all kinds of wonderful new cultivars!!  One of my favorites of the season: Helleborus ‘Ivory Prince’….blooms from January through April!  A gorgeous subtle, woodland, winter-blooming flower.

This all came together quite quickly, so I had to whip up a rough planting plan while running around the nursery.

quick sketch of planting plan

A few other highlights from my planting list: Sedum x ‘Angelina’, Pieris japonica ‘Pink Flamingo’, Erica c. ‘King George’, Ilex crenata ‘Helleri’…

Pretty soon I’ll be posting pics of these plants in the ground and a new pervious paver driveway!

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