Rainscreens – how do they work?

Patty – thanks for your question!  This is exactly why I wanted to get this blog up and running.

To answer your question about rainscreens… it’s an exterior application of horizontal wood paneling, mounted slightly off the base wall (with a weather proof membrane underneath).  This system is supposed to “screen” most of the rain and moisture away from the house while allowing air to circulate between the layers.

This website gives an informative explanation…check it out!


Rainscreen technology diagram. Source: http://fykarchitecture.com







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One Response to Rainscreens – how do they work?

  1. zach says:

    Awesome Blog/website Shannon!!! I just installed rainscreens during some of my remodels. It makes sense with wood siding in the PNW, keeping the moisture from getting sucked into the sheating and framing. I think you need to use minimum 3/8″ furring strips and 3/4″ is ideal. Reverse Board and Batten creates a natural rainscreen. Also check out a product called Cor-A-Vent. Keep on keeping on.

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