Medina project

actual site entry

This is my most recent residential project in Medina, WA.  The mid-century house is being completely revamped into a beautifully modernized, contemporary look.

My job is to give the landscape a little face-lift, if you will, to match the look and feel of the new facade.  The existing site has some very mature rhododendrons and is shaded by a few old cedars.  We’re working on 5 zones of landscaping here: the front entry/driveway, the front door entry, the back yard, and two private courtyards on the west side of the house (on the right hand side of the picture above).

quick sketch of rainscreen fencing, gate, and new vegetation

This is a quick idea sketch for the front entry.  My client would like to add a gated entrance into the site and requested more “curb appeal” to set up the entry to the house.  The plan is to utilize the existing walls, paint them, then add additional height with the rainscreen to match the siding of the house.

More to come…

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4 Responses to Medina project

  1. Patty Stevenson says:


    Nice blog! I am excited to see how it transforms and new additions of your designs — everything you produce is always so beautiful!

    I have a question: could you tell me what a ‘rainscreen’ is? It is a new term for me!

    Thanks and good luck with the design!

  2. Patty – I attempted to answer your question by posting a short explanation, a diagram, and a link to a website with more info. Hope this is helpful & thanks for my first question!

  3. Susan Eldredge says:

    Nice work Shannon! You never stop amazing me with your talents!

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